Spring 2019 Newsletter  

 Spring is Here
Author Unknown

Spring is here
In the air
You can smell it coming
On the trees
Leaves are green
Caterpillars sunning

Birds are back
Grass is out
Busy bees are humming
On the trees
Leaves are green
Caterpillars sunning


Spring has Sprung!

Springtime is one of my favorite times of the year. How about you? The grass is turning a beautiful shade of green, and there are different kinds of plants beginning to bloom. Farmers are beginning to plant their gardens. So many things going on around us.

My most favorite thing to do in the spring is look for all the new baby animals. From the little birds chirping in the trees, to little bunny rabbits hopping in the fields. There is just something special about baby animals.

Here is something that may be fun to do! Ask Mom and Dad or a big brother or sister to take you on a nature hike. Take a camera or phone with you and just have a great time snapping pictures of everything you see that pertains to spring. Let’s call this the ABC’s of spring hike. When you get home use the alphabet to put your pictures in order. For example, look through your pictures and find something that starts with the letter “A”. This could be animals. Just keep going until your alphabet is complete. Don’t feel bad if you don’t get them all on your first time out. Just keep your eyes open, and I bet you will complete your list before you know it.

Here’s another idea! Take all your pictures, put them on a poster board and write about your journey to find those pictures. Just pick a few that were your favorites. This will be something you can hang in your room and maybe take to school in the fall for your friends to see.

I hope you have the best spring ever!

- Jackie Burner, Bridgewater Branch Manager

Craigsville Community Day

Saturday, June 1st - 8am to 4pm

Enjoy vendors, food, kid’s activities, a dunk tank, bounce house, music, door prizes, and more!


Spring Humor

Q: What did the tree say to spring?
A: What a re-leaf.

Q: What goes up when spring rain comes down?
A: An umbrella.

Q: Why did the gardener bury all her money?
A: To make her soil rich.

Q: Why are oak trees so forgiving?
A: Every Spring they “turn over a new leaf”.

Q: When do gorillas fall from the sky?
A: During Ape-ril showers.

Make a Paper Roll Frog

With the help of your parents, make your very own paper roll frog!


  • Paper roll (toilet paper or paper towel roll)
  • Green paper or paint 
  • Wiggle eye stickers
  • Scissors
  • Glue 

Step by Step:

  1. Cut a long strip of green paper, as wide as the paper roll. Also cut 2 pairs of legs and a pair of “eyes” out of green paper. Make sure the “eyes” are a bit larger than eye stickers.
  2. Glue the green paper around the paper roll.  Glue the green eyes on the inner side of the paper roll. Stick two wiggle eyes stickers.
  3. Draw facial details with black marker.
  4. Glue on front and back legs. Your paper roll frog craft is ready to hop away!

 Craft from https://www.easypeasyandfun.com/paper-roll-frog-craft/